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Feedback from students:

2019 Review 5-stars: 21+

“Pure epic! Such a great tutor!” 6-21-2019

“Awesome as always.” 6-20-2019

“Got so much done! I am really impressed by this tutor.” 6-19-2019

“Clearly knows his stuff and speaks on my level, excellent tutor.” 6-18-2019

“Mike was very helpful, even with the first session. Looking forward to all the benefits from his services” -6-4-2019

“Mike and I tried to fix my program in the most minimalistic possible way, but it didn’t seem to go our way. I just wanted to thank Mike for putting up with me for so long, and I really appreciate his patience around me, because I know how hard it is to deal with someone who doesn’t understand what you’re talking about half the time. If you read this Mike, I wanted to thank you personally.” 3-25-2019

“Mike and I just finished my last assignment for CMPS12B: Intro to Data Structures. We will simply be going over the Final Review over the next two sessions.” 3-15-2019

“Awesome tutor.” 1-22-2019

“Feel very comfortable with him. Explain very well.” 1-20-2019

“Mike did a great job of listening and understanding my current state of learning and homework problem. What I don’t know is, and I’m totally open to whatever works, I will need someone to understand Python/Pandas capabilities in order to work through the homework problem, and I don’t know if it’s the best investment of his time and mine as well. So, depending on what Mike would recommend, I either need him to get familiar with Pandas enough so we can work through any issues I have or otherwise, maybe he would recommend that I get a tutor who’s experienced with Pandas? Whatever you all recommend. This is going to be my ongoing challenge! Our class goes so fast (a subject per week), the next thing I’ll need help with is Matplotlib. So, should I find a tutor who knows Matplotlib? Otherwise, I’d need Mike to invest time in learning that Python library, and I don’t know that this would be the best investment of Mike’s time! This has nothing to do with Mike’s expertise - he is a Python expert and also many other languages. I probably should have made this more clear in my initial call with XXXXXXX. Your thoughts please! Thank you very much!” 2-18-2019

“Getting to know Mike better and he is getting better at working with me.” 2-5-2019